As a direct descendant of Bauhaus, IIT Architecture builds on a legacy of experimentation in design and technology. With the unparalleled resource of Chicago as a point of departure, our research and design studios engage students directly with the contemporary challenges of architecture, landscape architecture, and urbanism in a twenty-first century city.

Courses are informed by our renowned history of disciplined research, analysis, and synthesis. These skills allow our graduates to seize professional opportunities and explore new territories of research. In our extensive fabrication workshop and design labs, students use cutting-edge software and equipment to investigate structural systems and refine building details, while translating their ideas into physical and digital form in our comprehensive studio courses.

Thanks to our strong ties to world-renowned practices both locally and abroad, students are able to directly interact with professionals and firms, addressing real-world architectural challenges through immersive coursework, study abroad programs, and exclusive internship opportunities.

Our programs of study build on a legacy of disciplined experimentation in materials and technologies to educate and inspire the next generation of architects and landscape architects. From our landmark campus and home at S. R. Crown Hall, we teach our students to address the complex challenges of contemporary design and construction across all scales.
Our students and faculty enjoy deep relationships with professional practice in Chicago, a city with an unmatched tradition of innovation in architecture, design, landscape architecture, and urbanism.

Our research and design topics put students in direct contact with the realities of architecture, landscapes, and urbanism in Chicago and throughout the world. Our curriculum stresses disciplined research, analysis, and synthesis as the fundamental skills that will allow our graduates to seize opportunities and explore new territories. In our extensive fabrication workshop, students learn to handle materials, explore structural systems, and refine building details.

Our degree programs (B.ARCH., M.ARCH., M.S.ARCH., M.L.A.+U., and PhD) are officially approved as STEM designated fields of study in Architectural and Building Sciences/Technology within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s STEM designated fields list.

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