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Use our virtual college fairs to recruit more efficiently, effectively and affordably. With our fairs you can connect to the students who are just starting their college search by answering their questions online during each fair.  Use your virtual booth to disseminate all the information you want about your college or university. All our colleges and universities receive the contact information for the students that participate, as well as the contact information for the students who request more information about your particular school!

At College Fairs Online, you can reach students by using a channel they are very familiar with: the internet! High school students from your state and around the US are invited to participate in these college fairs to learn about any colleges and universities they are interested in. Don’t miss out on this incredible recruiting event! It’s a highly efficient and effective way to make connections and influence students’ decisions about which college they should attend.

How do the fairs work?

The virtual college fairs are very much like a traditional college fair.

  • The students log in to the main page that has a list of all the participating colleges.
  • The students can click on each institution to go into their booth page and read about that college.
  • In each booth, there will be information about the school, including:
    • pictures and/or video
    • an information request form for hard leads
    • a question & answer section that can be done live or daily
  • The fairs are open for 6 full days each.

Each student can leave a question for you, the college rep, that can be answered at any time. When you answer a student’s questions, they are automatically sent an email with the answer and the opportunity to respond to your answer. You will have a login as a moderator, so you will be able to answer any way you like. You will get a transcript at the end of the fair with all correspondence from the fair!

Who can participate?

Any college, university, trade school or specialty school is welcome to register for any region’s fair. Your college does not have to be from that region.  College Fairs Online will build your virtual booth page for you based on what your institution would like included.

We have hundreds of students per fair that participate in each region. Note: Many students do repeat fairs, so not every student at each fair is unique.


Fall 2024

Spring 2025

West Sep 23 – 28 Jan 27 – Feb 1
Midwest Oct 14 – 19 Feb 24 – Mar 1
Northeast Nov 4 – 9 Apr 7 – 12
South Dec 2 – 7 May 12 – 17

Standard rate: $420 per fair.

Discounts available when purchasing multiple fairs.

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College Fairs Online Testimonials

Jessica Zsoldos – Manor College
College Fairs online is worth the price for my institution. Not only do you receive a list of names of students specifically interested in your institution, but you also receive a list of every student who has attended the weekly event. Our institution is small and it is worth the investment for us. We are so grateful for this partnership.

Amy Rowcliffe – Central Penn College
Our college has participated in regional fairs with College Fairs Online for the past few years. They make it easy to set up an engaging “booth” for student interaction and the Q&A process is very simple to use. Within a few days of the fair closing, you will receive a list of all interactions, a list of students specifically interested in your college and a list of all registrants for the fair. These leads have been excellent!

Danielle Zalamea – Iona University
I thought the process of College Fairs Online was very easy and simple to use. It was a great way to get in touch with students at their own times. I thought the questions asked were very knowledgeable. Not only that, but I think the process makes it easy for the students as well considering they have busy schedules during certain times of the year. Overall, I thought it was a great way to reach a greater audience.

Alexis B. Outlaw – Alverno College
College Fairs online allowed Alverno College to connect with prospective students and families outside of our range of the Midwest. The user friendly platform and options to engage really allowed for us to make connections for future women of Alverno!

Laurell L. Black – Charles R. Drew University
Thank you College Fairs Online for allowing students, who might not have otherwise considered enrolling in Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science, to become more familiar with CDU through your fairs.

Amy McFadden – Lakeview College of Nursing
College Fairs Online allows us to connect with students we would never have access to otherwise. As a very small, single-purpose institution with only one admissions recruiter, it is not feasible for us to travel outside of our local region. College Fairs Online allows us to extend our reach to students all across the country. It is an important part of our strategic enrollment management plan, and we really enjoy working with them! Another bonus is that Tamara makes participation in the fairs simple to set up and simple to monitor.

Alexa Perez – Fairleigh Dickinson University
Working with College Fairs Online is very easy and stress-free. They booth that is created is user-friendly, the staff is extremely helpful and always willing to help the admissions representatives. I especially like the chat feature that is set up in the system, students can post their questions and a representative can sign in at any time to answer questions. Another thing I really like is that all the leads are shared with the representative, so it really is worth virtually attending this fair. FDU has registered for 3 years in a row now and I do hope to continue using College Fairs Online in the future!