Counselors & Teachers

College Fairs Online is an excellent resource for Counselors & Teachers to give students a way to engage directly with colleges.

We encourage all Counselors, Teachers, and Parents to join our events mailing list to stay informed on all upcoming fairs.

How do the fairs work?

The virtual college fairs are very much like a traditional college fair.

  • The students log in to the main page that has a list of all the participating colleges.
  • The students can click on each institution to go into their booth page and read about that college.
  • In each booth, there will be information about the school, including:
    • pictures and/or video
    • an information request form to learn even more about the institution
    • a question & answer section that can be done live or daily
  • The fairs are open for 6 full days each.

Each student can leave a question for the college rep at any time. When they answer a student’s questions, the student is automatically sent an email with the answer and the opportunity to respond to that answer.

Find out when new fairs are available

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